Welcome to the official homepage of Pluto and the Planets!

Pluto & The Planets is a norwegian group based in Oslo. Started and lead by the guitar/keyboard player known as Pluto.

The band emerged for the first time in the middle of the 80s as a very melodic progrock band with strong influences from Genesis, Vangelis, Yes and Pink Floyd. The 2014 version of Pluto & The Planets has much more focus on vocal arrangements. The band consists of two guitar players, keyboards, drums and bass. A quite traditional line up where the guitars have been given a lot of room beside vocals in the music. With mixed influences from Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Steve Hackett, Hank Marvin and Steve Howe, the result has become a typical Pluto & The Planets sound, familiar but original at the same time.


The members of the band are;

Pluto : electric and acoustic guitars, slide guitar, keyboards and vocals
Cecilie M.G. : vocals
Jon Christian Lie : bass, vocals
Martin Blystad : electric and acoustic guitars, vocals

You can also visit us on YouTube, Facebook or iTunes.